Mezuzah and Tefillin


A Mezuzah is a parchment scroll, on which the Shema is handwritten by an expert scribe. The Mezuzah is mounted on the right side of the doorpost and designates the home as Jewish, reminding us of G‑d and our heritage. It is also a symbol of G‑d’s watchful care over the home. The placing of a Mezuzah on the doors of a home or office protects the inhabitants — whether they are inside or outside.

Plainview Synagogue would love for you to participate in this important Mitzvah. A Mezuzah is so much more than a piece of parchment rolled into a scroll. Since the Mezuzah acts as our own personal guardian, alert at all times, it’s important to have them inspected by a verified scribe to ensure that it is always in top condition.

Please contact Rabbi Shmueli at 516-439-6590 for all your Mezuzah needs.


Wrapped around our arms in those square black boxes, it’s easy to forget how holy Tefillin are. Containing the name of Hashem, each time we wrap ourselves in those black straps we are forging a bond with our Creator. Like Mezuzot, Tefillin contain holy parchments that need to be checked from time to time to ensure they are fit for use. Drop your Tefillin off and we’ll arrange to have them checked thoroughly and return them to you good as new.